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InTER-ACT has been developed to be delivered by teachers, pastoral care staff, school counsellors, youth workers, EMHPs, psychologists and other professionals supporting groups of adolescents. 

If you would like to run the InTER-ACT programme with young people you work with, you can book here to attend the two day online (live) InTER-ACT Facilitator Training Programme. This training programme is facilitated by the developers of the programme, Dr Victoria Samuel and Dr Chloe Constable. 

InTER-ACT can only be delivered by a pair of facilitators due to the interactive nature of the training format. This means you must attend the training with at least one other person from your school or organisation – unless there is a member of staff who has already undertaken InTER-ACT training. 

The standard training is for delivering InTER-ACT to face to face groups. We are looking to develop a supplementary webinar on adapting InTER-ACT for online groups. Do let us know if you would be interested in this.

Day 1 

A comprehensive introduction to the theoretical framework of Acceptance and Commitment therapy. 

  • Learn how the messages we get from society can set us up to respond to difficult thoughts and feelings in really unhelpful and counterproductive ways. Understand what is meant by the term ‘control is the problem, not the solution’.
  • Become familiar with the 6 core ACT skills and how we can use these to:
    • get out of auto-pilot and stay present and connected
    • get untangled from unhelpful thoughts, so we can be less dictated to by their messages
    • drop the struggle with difficult feelings, so that they don’t dominate our actions
    • work out what really matters to us, so we can lead a life more consistent with our personal values 
  • The training will use powerful metaphors and images to help explain core concepts.
  • There will be multiple opportunities for experiential learning (trying by doing) – this is essential for being able to authentically explain ACT to young people. 

Day 2 

A detailed and yet accessible step by step guide to delivering the InTER-ACT training programme. 

  • Watch professional video footage of Victoria and Chloe modelling delivery of the full content of each workshop. 
  • Access full scripts of the facilitator dialogue for each workshop along with lesson by lesson powerpoints and all handouts and resources.  
  • Learn how to respond to student questions following the InTER-ACT ethos of COACH: curiosity, openness, acceptance and common humanity. 
  • Practice delivery with your buddy, followed by opportunities for reflection, questions and troubleshooting.    
  • Leave confident and equipped with all resources to deliver the InTER-ACT programme with your buddy to adolescents groups. 

What Resources will I Get?

  • Video footage of the programme developers delivering all 3 workshops: delegates have found this really helpful for giving the confidence to deliver the programme.
  • Powerpoints – the powerpoints are completely ready to use with groups and include embedded video links. 
  • Scripts – step by step scripts for both facilitators so you know what to say, when (and even how!). 

How Will I Access the Resources?

  • All delegates who book to attend InTER-ACT facilitator training will have access to the InTER-ACT portal from where they can download all programme resources for safe keeping. 
  • Delegates are able to deliver the InTER-ACT programme within their host organisation for 10 years with an unlimited number of young people.