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InTER-ACT was developed by Dr Victoria Samuel and Dr Chloe Constable, Clinical Psychologists who have worked with young people in a variety of settings. Training to become a Clinical Psychologist takes at least 7 years, involving a 3 year undergraduate degree in psychology, followed by several years gaining clinical or research experience and finally, completion of a 3 year doctorate in clinical psychology. The doctorate involves academic study, research and clinical placements in NHS settings. 

Dr Victoria Samuel. D.Clin.Psy., MSc, Ba (Hons), CPsychol

Victoria is a practising clinical psychologist and researcher. Victoria has been working clinically with children and adults since 2002. She has extensive experience of working therapeutically with young people experiencing a wide range of psychological difficulties including anxiety, depression, trauma and adjustment to life changing events. Victoria conceptualises emotional difficulties as understandable in the context of people’s past experiences and current circumstances and works to empower people with life skills for reducing the restrictive impact of difficult thoughts and feelings. 

Victoria has undertaken substantial specialist training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) from experts in the field and is passionate about the approach and the way it represents a positive orientation for living, as well as a therapeutic model. Victoria provides training in ACT to doctoral clinical psychology students and has also worked with NHS employees to help them develop ACT skills for managing the stress of working in traumatic environments. 

Victoria works at Cardiff University on the South Wales Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology as Senior Research Tutor and Honorary Lecturer. Victoria has carried out several research studies on the ACT concept of ‘psychological flexibility’ and how it relates to burnout in different professionals – from NHS doctors to elite rugby players. In addition to her university role in Wales, Victoria acts as external examiner at various universities in England and Ireland. 

Victoria has presented at several national and international conferences and has published multiple scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.

Dr Chloe Constable. D.Clin.Psy. MSc Systemic Psychotherapy, BSc.

Chloe currently works in both clinical and research contexts, where she is particularly interested in how to support the families, communities and services around young people. Chloe is particularly proud of the accessibility of the InTER-ACT programme and the potential for significant impact from such a brief intervention. 

With respect to her clinical practice, Chloe has worked within NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) since 2012, where she witnessed the transformative effect of ACT skills with both young people and their families. Chloe finds that the experiential nature of ACT as a therapeutic approach means it is particularly well suited for young people. Chloe has been fortunate to train under some of the leading figures of the ACT community and finds she uses ACT principles personally on a daily basis.

Chloe has extensive experience of teaching and loves ensuring that her sessions introduce new thinking and provide space for reflection, whilst being as active as possible. Chloe has delighted in developing the InTER-ACT programme alongside Victoria and jumps at any opportunity to share her passion for this approach, whilst continuing to evaluate its impact.