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Interactive Training in Emotional Resilience with ACT

Interactive Training in Emotional Resilience with ACT (InTER-ACT) is a unique, engaging, evidence-based wellbeing programme for children and adolescents. The programme was developed by Clinical Psychologists, Dr Victoria Samuel and Dr Chloe Constable who have significant training and expertise in supporting young people experiencing a range of psychological struggles.

InTER-ACT is based on principles from the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); a rigorously researched and effective approach for increasing resilience and improving wellbeing. ACT gives us skills to respond effectively to difficult thoughts and feelings, so that we can pursue a life rich with purpose and meaning, guided by our personal values.

What Makes InTER-ACT Unique?

  • InTER-ACT is firmly grounded in ACT, an evidence based psychological theory. Many universal mental health programmes are not linked to any underlying theory.
  • We are highly qualified clinical psychologists with extensive training and experience in mental health intervention; it’s not unusual for trainers in this field to have no specific training in mental health.
  • InTER-ACT is a brief programme (3 lessons) making it practical for busy teachers and mental health workers to schedule. Many wellbeing programmes are lengthy which can be hard to fit into busy timetables.
  • InTER-ACT has been developed over a five year programme of research and is subject to ongoing evaluation and a continuous improvement process. A research and evaluation strategy is often absent for many providers of wellbeing programmes.
  • InTER-ACT views distress as a universal experience resulting from living with a challenging mind in a stressful world. InTER-ACT skills help reduce the power of difficult thoughts and feelings, so we can focus on what really matters. This empowering, normalising ethos contrasts with traditional approaches where ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings tend to be seen as signs of a problem / disorder.